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Big Green Egg is now the world’s largest producer and international distributor of the highest-quality ceramic cooking system. When you purchase an EGG, you know your investment is protected by a successful, experienced company with a worldwide reputation for best-in-class products and unmatched customer service – providing you with the confidence that comes from knowing that this company has been standing behind their amazing products for over three decades!

Local manufacturing isn’t just a tagline — it’s a mission. We recognize the value of local job creation, community investment, and quality craftsmanship. Manufacturing and sourcing quality materials stateside (50% aluminum comes from recycled material) is important to our customers and fundamental for our business.

The grill is one of the last great bastions of freedom, and choosing the right grill is an important decision. Fortunately, you can’t make a bad choice when you choose Summerset Grills. With our complete line of stainless steel BBQ grills and accessories, we make it easy to find the perfect match to bring your backyard vision to life. 

Pelican Products, Inc. continues to reign as the global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance protective cases, temperature controlled packaging solutions, advanced portable lighting systems and rugged gear for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Their products are depended on by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire / safety, law enforcement, life sciences, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Pelican products are designed and built to last a lifetime.

The Original Raised Rail Design™ is an engineered cooking system that sits atop any existing grill surface OR can be used as a complete replacement on gas grills. GrillGrates sear and sizzle foods better than traditional grills, which have more open exposure to direct flame and juices are only fuel for flare-ups. GrillGrates virtually eliminate charring but accentuate searing.

Salt Rox is a small, family-owned company located in Central Kentucky. We’re passionate foodies! We are trendsetters, investigators and inventors… and we love sharing that with you! We manufacture Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates and other complementary Himalayan Salt products to enhance and season your food, before and during the cooking process. Our goal is to introduce gourmet products that complement and enhance your cooking and eating experience! We invite you on this journey with us!

Hogs ‘N Heat, Inc. began as a KCBS BBQ team, and is the creator and distributor of some of the best barbecue sauces & seasonings in the universe. Our sauces and seasonings are perfect for all meats including ribs, chicken, beef, pork, and wild game.

Our Hogs ‘N Heat sauces and seasonings have also been found to be great in many other foods ranging from chili to deviled eggs and add a spark to just about anything.

Excerpted From the Cookbook of Jimmy L. Babin

Raised on a cattle farm in Prairieville, Louisiana, eating was good on fresh beef. But mom did the cooking. Welding was my main source of making a living, but cooking didn’t start until after my first divorce. I found the best way to a woman’s heart was through her stomach, but as I got older I found cooking was more fun than most women. After hanging around the crazy friends I have, the cooking went hand in hand with a “good time”.

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